City of Light Consulting seeks to enhance the vibrancy of communities around the world by empowering not-for-profit agencies and small businesses. Through its range of services, CLC enhances the infrastructure of organizations, building their capacity, and increasing their sustainability. 

Currently, City of Light focuses on organizations that are in critical development stages. Most of our clients are just getting started, experiencing a major shift, or seeking their first funding opportunities. We are excited to support organizations as they grow and change and work with organizations all over the world. 

As we do our work, we embrace certain core values that we believe allow us to serve the global community more effectively:

Excellence: A detail-oriented focus on quality helps to produce positive outcomes.

Creativity: The best solution is often hand crafted and is almost never conventional. 

Ethics: Consulting is a field in which commitment to virtuous behavior is critical.

Communication: The critical work we do requires open lines of productive dialogue.