7 Signs That Your Organization Suffers from Millenial Deficiency

7 Signs That Your Organization Suffers from Millenial Deficiency

Let’s be honest: Millenials in the work place have taken a beating. They are entering a work place designed by a generation with completely different culture and values. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have value. As a matter of fact, CLC has witnessed some workplace offenses that we think correlate to a deficiency of Millenials.


1.    Your business has a Friend Page.

I’m about to rock your world but...Facebook has two kinds of pages: one for people using it socially and one for businesses using it to raise awareness. If you have a social page, that means you are missing out on meaningful connections- people can’t look you up easily, they need to be accepted as a friend before they can even view your info, and you’re most likely posting the wrong content in all the wrong places. Seriously, weren’t you curious as to why your business needed a relationship status?


2.    It’s easier to meet than to email, even about simple things.

CC’ing in a Baby Boomer office goes one of two ways: everyone is CC’ed or no one is CC’ed. Sometimes people begin as CC’ed but a failure to reply all shuts the whole operation down.  Maybe someone’s been canned for an offensive reply all accident. All possible symptoms of the same disease: millennial deficiency.


3.    You are still sending faxes. At all. To anyone. For any reason.

We don’t think this needs further explanation, but if it does, hire a Millenial and ask them what the alternatives to faxing are.


4.    Your website is more than a week out of date.

We’ve all had it happen occasionally where we forget to remove a specific piece of info after an event, but let’s be honest: it would take a Millenial five minutes to remove the offending out-of-date info. Simply put: YES, people do check it. And if they don’t check it, it’s because it’s always outdated. No good.


5.    No one can locate a usable copy of your logo. And since it was ClipArt anyway... maybe it should stay lost.

This is Gospel truth- if you don’t have a digital copy of your logo, this means it isn’t making it on your material. That means you essentially don’t have a logo, which is no good in today’s tech driven world. If you can’t remember who made it or when, there’s a good chance it was an intern or bored office assistant with some extra time in Microsoft Word. Or even worse, MS Paint. I promise you need a new one.


6.    You are making copies of copies.

That form you use over an over? Did you know it could be made using the computer? And that it could be reprinted over and over without the space fuzz of a dozen years on it?


7.    You still use the excuse that emails “must have gone to spam”.

Because we know how email works, we know that it most definitely did NOT go to your spam folder. It’s cute of you to try, but we know this means you either de-prioritized it or accidentally deleted it. 

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