Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Why not email us? We can schedule a free phone consult for you to determine whether you would like to get started.

I think that I’d like to work with you, but our organization is not a new one. Would we still make a good team?

Is your organization seeking to fund new programs, to expand programs, or to advance into some uncharted territory? Then yes! If you are hoping to fund well-operating programs without tweaking them for a higher success rate, there is a chance we may not be the best partners. 

Does CLC make their grant writing rate of success public? 

CLC works with organizations that are in start-up and crisis phases, as well as major organizational shifts. We also work with organizations doing a broad variety of work at various stages in their growth process, and these challenges can be significant for funding. For this reason, we do not typically track or publish an average rate of success. Some organizations experience a success rate of 30% while some experience a rate of 70%. What your organization can do to make grant writing as successful as possible is to ensure that all of the necessary elements to success are in place: a diverse and talented board, mission and visions statements, and a sound budget, for example. While no ethical grant writer will ever promise that an organization will receive a specific grant, CLC does promise to be honest and clear about whether any specific funder is a realistic possibility before writing. 

How do you charge for services? Would you take a percent of a grant?

Contingency pay - as it is called in the industry - is generally considered unethical. This is because most grants are for specific projects and mandate that the organization outline how the money will be spent in advance of the funds being delivered. In almost every case, a grant would be denied in advance if the organization were to be direct and clear about the contingency payment attached to the grant. CLC does not ask for bonuses and will not work on contingency pay. We will, however, accept gifts in the form of chocolate of flowers when you receive your grant. Just kidding. Well… sort of. 

Can you write our strategic plan? We need it by Thursday!

Strategic planning is a process with which your organization should be intimately involved. While our team will likely have many tips and tricks to offer you as you engage us for any service, a strategic planning venture is most effective when the board and stakeholders engage wholeheartedly in the process from start to finish.

We’d love to have you come work for us full time! 

Well, aren’t you kind? We appreciate the offer, and you’re not the first to say so. But we consult so that we can help as many organizations as possible and our hope is that, in the long term, you will grow out of needing us around. 

Who do you work with? I’m in _______, is that too far?

Almost 90% of the work we do is completed remotely.  In the cases of guiding a strategic planning session or offering training sessions, we really prefer to work in person.  We are willing to travel and this arrangement works best when you plan at least a month in advance. In these cases, we ask that you build travel reimbursement into your budget. We will include it in our initial quote to you.

Do you ever volunteer for organizations?

While CLC consultants make a practice of volunteering for organizations privately, currently, we do not regularly make a practice of offering free services as an organization. In 2017, we hope to launch a scholarship program for new organizations or businesses with noteworthy concepts. The scholarship program would allow for a free year of CLC services, including strategic plan development and grant writing services. We also hope to include design assistance and other infrastructure services. This program is in development currently.