Creative, imaginative, demanding, fun, customer-centric, tough, strategic. Love the company and the owner. Four years of "WOW"!

Dick Montgomery / Executive Director


The team at City light helped Ashtanga Yoga Buffalo to establish true core values. From that clarity, i was able to focus on our values as a community, growing us from the heart space and soul of our yoga school. I’m eternally grateful for their amazing energy and support.

Malissa Larson / Founder


City of Light has all the technical skills we need, but what makes them stand out is that they listen. They keep us focused, volunteer ideas, and then help us get it done.

Mary Vanvorst / Founder


Nikki has a cheerful disposition and a very positive attitude which are both essential qualities when assisting her client to determine where they want to go and what they are trying to achieve. She has a beautiful skill in questioning established norms that often are not working while encouraging to seek greater things. She has really helped us on the way to becoming what we truly can be.

Yvonne Stocker / Board Member


Working with City of Light has been great! Nikki and her team helped me with a new logo, branding and the set up of a new website. They helped me get to where I can update my website easily by myself. They were integral in our rebranding process.

Janna Willoughby-Lohr / Founder


Our work with City of Light consulting not only helped our organization to grow into the modern age, but helped us to better understand our own goals and values. The CLC team are professional, kind, incredibly responsive, and always add value to any conversation.

Phil Collins / Board Member


Nikki is an extraordinary writer. She is very professional with such a sweet warm hearted spirit. Nikki understood the vision for Giuliana's Playroom and brought it to life. When we had our first meeting a threw a lot at her. I needed a better website, a logo, letterhead, and most importantly grant. I absolutely love the website and the whole brand.

Gelcys Basulto / Founder